• Registered Nursing for Pain and Symptom Management

  • Physician Consultation

  • Walking the Journey Together...Visiting Hospice Volunteer

  • Visiting Wellness Programs... Reiki, Yoga, Massage

  • Family Caregiver Support

A pilot program replicating a highly successful program which has been implemented in several communities across the province of Ontario.

This program services people facing life threatening or life limiting illness and ultimately allowing them to die in their homes. Because we know - 85% of the population, if given the choice would feel most comfortable dying at home.

Because we know it’s tough to be a family caregiver - Our aim is to enable service recipients and their families, to be able to live well while coping with a life threatening illness and then die at home - reducing emergency room and residential hospice admissions at the very end of life. This project enables residents of South Simcoe and surrounding communities to live well, and die at home as is their strong preference

Goal 1:  Address the community based palliative and end of life care needs of clients and their families, including:

•Skilled Nursing care provided at home for pain and symptom management — 24/7
•Medical consultation – available 24/7

  • Nursing care for respite provided at home

•Trained volunteer for respite provided at home

•Integrated care plan with community team implemented for all clients and families referred

•Caregiver Support and Wellness –Reclaim a family role-daughter, brother, friend

Goal 2:  Decreased emergency room visits for community clients

Goal 3:  Decreased admissions and stays in hospital for community clients

Goal 4:  Decreased referrals to our residence when a client prefers to die at home


For the Sanctuary at Home staff...
Just wanted to thank you for the shifts so far...
Your staff is absolutely awesome!! They are so compassionate and amazing with mom...
I can’t say enough about your team— just awesome...
Family member 2017



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