Do you know someone that may benefit from residential hospice care?

How To Refer a Patient

If you are interested in referring a patient / client to our residential facility please follow the instructions below. Our Intake and Assessment Team await your referral. 

MON TO FRI (OFFICE HOURS 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

  1. Use the Common Referral Form to detail patient information as fully as possible. Click to download. 
  2. FAX the completed Common Referral Form and other relevant information to Matthews House Hospice on 705-435-2755.
  3. CALL Matthews House Hospice on 705-435-7218 to confirm receipt of the information.
  4. Contact and consultation with referring individuals will be made by our Client Care Coordinator, Emily Moffatt or Manager of Hospice Services, Kara Northgrave to affirm our intake and assessment criteria is being met.
  5. An appointment will be made, if necessary, with client and/or family to explain protocols, and reaffirm palliative care only.
  6. Our Intake and Assessment Team will review and decide each case individually. Matthews House Hospice operates a residential wait list.
  7. Matthews House Hospice will contact the family, CCAC &/or hospital to confirm the decision and discuss any further arrangements that are required.

Please contact Matthews House Residential Hospice DIRECT on 705-250-1561 and speak to the Nurse on duty. Common Referral Forms can be FAXED TO: 705-250-1370.