Our community hospice programs are provided without cost, and available to all ages and stages of life.

Are you living with a life-limiting illness?
Are you caring for a loved one with a life-limiting illness?
Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?
We are here to help.

Matthews House offers an integrative and holistic approach to support for individuals and their families in our community. For this reason, Matthews House Hospice offers community programs in 3 streams of support which are broad and responsive to individual interests and needs. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our clients and their caregivers.

All Matthews House programs are provided without cost. Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can get involved.

Visiting Hospice

Our dedicated volunteers provide non-medical support in a client's home. This might include respite, emotional support, and/or companionship. Our volunteers are fully trained and matched with a client once a home assessment has been completed. 
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Counselling and Support

Support groups are available for those facing a life-limiting diagnosis, for their caregivers, and for the bereaved. 

Individual and family counselling is available upon request.

All of our support programs are run and facilitated by our professional staff and trained volunteer facilitators.

Palliative Support

  • We offer support while you absorb or process a situation or diagnosis

  • We offer information about services available to you, and what you are eligible for

  • We provide assistance in accessing services and information

  • We give opportunities to meet with those that are facing similar challenges

  • We can help with case management, advocacy and education

  • We offer redevelopment of healthcare goals

Caregiver Support

  • We help you delegate responsibilities

  • We help make sure you take care of yourself, too: get exercise, get enough sleep, have a chance to use your humour and maintain your social contacts

  • We offer you professional assistance

  • We help you take frequent breaks

  • We help you navigate the health care system

  • We help you give your loved ones the best possible care

Bereavement Support

  • We help you honour your grief, experience it fully, and work through it

  • We offer a safe, comfortable environment for you to experience your grief

  • We offer individual grief support with a trained counsellor

  • We offer several bereavement groups where you can meet, share and connect with others on the journey of grief.

  • We remember and honour our loved ones

  • We help you navigate holidays and difficult seasons

Wellness Programs

To reduce stress and continue to develop positive coping strategies in a healthy environment, clients and their families are offered creative, holistic programs that they are free to participate in. 

Holistic Therapies
Certified therapists donate their time to Matthews House Hospice for the following therapies:

  • Meditation: Promoting well being and relaxation

  • Playing with Colours: Informal art therapy group - no art experience required

  • Reflexology: Therapist applies pressure to hands and feet, promoting general health

  • Reika

  • Yoga: A series of breathing exercises and postures to promote awareness and tranquility

  • Men's Group

  • Walk with Me - walking group that ends with coffee and conversation

  • Wellness Drumming

Chronic Disease Management

  • We help you manage the daily tasks you need to live well with one or more chronic conditions

  • We help you take charge of your medical needs, and your everyday roles and responsibilities

  • Our "Living A Healthy Life" workshop helps develop self-management skills

  • We teach about healthy eating, pain management, exercise, medication management, communicating with your healthcare professionals and more