Our board & staff are the backbone of what we do, and we are thankful for their dedication to improving end-of-life care.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Margo Cooney - President
Steve Aelick - Treasurer
John Kidziun - Assistant Treasurer
Lorrie Reynolds - Vice President
Marv Chantler  - Vice President
Catherine Cotton - Secretary
Kate Vander Zaag - Director
Jenna Varcoe - Director
Cathy Morden - Director
Grace Sammut - Director
Sabina Morell - Director

Meet Our Staff

Administration & Community Hospice

Kim Woodland
, OT Reg (ONT), C.H.R.L. Chief Executive Officer
Debra Walker, Executive Assistant & Coordinator of Live on Legacy Storytelling Program
Pat Orford, Data Administrator
Len MacLeod, HBFA, OCT, M.Div. Manager, Meaningful Living
Megan Rochford, MSW, RSW Client Care Coordinator
Eryn Manchanda, Compassionate Care Lead
Lisa Shaler, Volunteer Coordinator
Rebecca Potter, Volunteer Training and Engagement
Andrea Roylance, Manager Gifts and Gratitude
Brenda Pufek, Community Engagement and Development
Katrina Zaple, Share Services Clerk
Jose Vega, Superintendent
Kelly Corbyn, Bookkeeping Clerk
Amanda Ablett, RP(Q) Counsellor

Residential Hospice

Fran Barbati, RN, Manager of Hospice Services
Pat Lang, RN, Intake & Outreach Coordinator
Helena Love, RN, Intake & Outreach Coordinator
Judith Andrade, RN
Michelle Burns, PSW
Cheri Bruce, RN
Ryan Claver, RN
Kim Cameron, RPN
Pauline Dunn, RPN
Meredith Eberhardt, RPN
Megan Gerbasi, RPN
Ashley Hall, RPN
Jaclyn Heidman, RN
Tracey Humen, PSW
Dale Irvine, PSW
Patricia Lang, RN
Jackie Lawson, PSW
Lisa Lewis, RN
Odessa Lewis, RPN
Mackenzie Lubker, RN
Patricia Marshall, PSW
Mary Jo Menchenton, RN
Sheri-Lynn McGrath PSW
Pam McInnis, RN
Jaime McNeil, RN
Katrina Owen, RN
Barb Peters, RPN
Rebecca Potter, RPN
Betty Anne Rutledge, RPN
Kathryn Scotton, RPN
Anne Smienk, RN
Mary Smith, RPN
Marjorie Thompson, PSW
Patricia Van Etten, RPN
Joanne Weeda, RN